Sovereign Grace
Bible Church of Flagstaff

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Flagstaff AZ
Flagstaff AZ
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Location: Thomas Elementary School, Flagstaff, AZ (map)

Blessings to you from Sovereign Grace Bible Church, located in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ. We welcome you to our website, desiring to help you learn about this church and to encourage you to a right and true worship of God, which is only possible through His Son and perfect mediator Jesus Christ.

Sovereign Grace Bible Church (SGBC) is a non-denominational body of believers dedicated to unity in a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to our families and each other, and to love; what the Bible calls the "perfect bond of unity" (Colossians 3:14).

Some distinctive beliefs that we hold to are:

  1. Jesus Christ is preeminent in all our worship and teaching.
  2. Biblical doctrine matters ("orthodoxy"),
  3. Christians are to strive to live according to that doctrine ("orthopraxy"),
  4. Christ honoring orthopraxy and biblical love compel us to share Christ's gospel with others ("evangelism").

We rejoice that God has spoken and continues to speak through His sufficient word, the holy Bible, and embrace it as our only rule of faith and practice.  Our convictions lead us to what is called "Semper Reformanda" or "always reforming" by regularly comparing our practices and beliefs to the Bible.  As a result, we have come to enjoy distinctive practices, like weekly communion, shepherding and ministry work shared throughout the whole assembly.  Having a desire to be faithful to the pattern we observe in Scripture, we do not segregate our assembly based on age or stage of life, have an authority hierarchy among our elders, or usurp the role the father has within his family.  We gladly emphasize God's design for the distinct roles of men, women and children.  We teach that proper submission to God involves honoring the authority structures He instituted, the family, the local church and the civil government, with respect to the limits He placed upon each.

We welcome you to visit us--especially if you are not part of a Biblical local church in Flagstaff.